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Live Body Shop Estimates Online

We write the estimate here in our office using the current Body Shop Estimating Tool (BSET) version we offer, then we email you a printable pdf copy.  With this information you can immediately print the estimate or (if you have purchase BSET) finish, modify, adjust or add information based on your experience with the car at your shop.

Estimates are written using our copy of BSETv6.0 or higher and accessing our 30 years experience in the Collision Repair Industry.

We send you a written estimate (pdf) and the original BSET file (if you purchased the estimating tool) then can be opened and complete it or edit it.  If you don't have a copy of our estimating tool, it's ok, we can send the printable pdf file alone.

STEP 1 -  Take a photo of the current state of the car.  We will need several photos of the damage, showing any blend panel (adjacent panels) (if its applicable to the damage).  If the hood wont go up, don't worry, take a photo of the crushed hood and we will do the rest (insurance company will supplement any damages under the hood).

Step 2 - Send images of damage in the form when purchasing your estimate in our store.

Step 3 - Summary of the repair requirement, if the mirror is damaged but, you have one already, customer will provide or we just don't need to include the parts in a repair.  Be sure to let us know that as well, otherwise we will include it in the written estimate.

How much to repair my car?  Repair a damaged bumper, front end collision and more.  Take a series of pictures with your cell, upload them as you add Basic Estimate to your cart.  Submit pics and other comments and we will send you an estimate valid at any body shop or insurance company.

After we receive your information and the payment clears, we will email the written estimate you can print for your customer.

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