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Website domain servicesDomain Services  

Domains are critical, making sure the domain is renewed each year is important.  

We register a good domain for your situation, protect it so you wont loose it and you dont have to worry.

A domain is similar to a business name, business names must be registered to protect its uniqueness, domains are business names online a place where people go when they enter your website name (URL).

Domains are assigned to servers or what you may know as IP addresses.  These names must be registered on a yearly basis to protect your use.

Contrary to what some may think, you don’t actually own a domain, you simply renew it, like renting on a yearly basis.  What happens if you don’t pay the rent?  You loose your domain because someone else may want it and register it out from under you.

One of the many domain services we provide is domain protection, we auto renew your domain so you don’t have to worry about loosing it.

We register it during the design and publish process.

Can you register more than one domain?

Yes, you can register as many domains as you like, keeping in mind each one has to be renewed each year.

Why register more than one?

The name of your body shop may be “The Rod Shop” and you may do custom cars.  But according to a search engine “The” will be dropped immediately, too many uses of the generic word “The”.  Ok one word already gone.  Now the word “Rod”, steel rods?, Round sticks?, The person named “Rod”?.  You see hoe a search engine takes each word literally.  Yes you can register “The Rod Shop”, because it is the name of your shop, but to target search, you may also want to register “”, “” and have those domains point to your website as well.

Domains are important and must be renewed each year.  Each can point to your website files that sit on a computer called a server, the company who purchased this server is called a hosting company.

As a hosting company we lease our servers from GoDaddy for speed and reliability.