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Body Shop Estimating Software

As former shop owners before we started doing web design, we got frustrated at the fact we couldn't find a decent way to write, print and profit using an estimating program without spending hundred of dollars per month.  Add imaging to their plan and it can be up to $400 monthly.

The last 5 years we had our shop, we developed our own estimating to that effectively replaced the expensive point and clicks.  Point and click are nice, but $400 a month is nice too.  Honestly we just didn't need that much estimating for our shop.

We used it in our body shop for years, continued to improve it and we still use it today.  When we write estimates for people online, we use the same tool you can use in your shop.

Breif List of Features:

Purchase and download immediately, runs using OpenOffice which is a Free Download. provide 2 hours free support and if you become a web client, the estimating tool is FREE!  And you get unlimited support, we implement suggested changes to make the tool even better.  Using user feed back we continue to improve this estimating tool.

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