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Search Placement

Also known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Optimizing for search is more of an art than a science, although there are rules we follow, it’s Google, Bing and other search engines that set those rules and if that's not hard enough, once you think you understand the rules, they update their algorithm to change them.

We optimize for local search free, as long as you have a management plan and are not in “parked” status, you will find your website on the front page in the major search engines.  How long it takes depends on many factors:  Your budget, how competitive your search is and the density of other service businesses in your area.  Also their are high-risk groups like Locksmiths, for some reason Google is particularly careful about new websites getting their hands on the sought after spots.


Placing well in search engines is the only way to grow a business online.  You have a website?  Not getting calls?  Odds are it’s not placing well? People just cant find it.  Contact us